Thursday, 9 December 2010

Death & Decay Texture Collection (Work in progress)

New Texture Collection I am working on

Martin, my partner at has recently made some new user ready or "game textures" which has inspired me to make my own version.

His is based on a historical crypt, you can see them here and I love the whole skull theme.

Of course a good texture set starts off with a good base and the one here is the base with a crumbling hole created from using this photo.

The actual wall is many layers of rust, cement and stone each with different blending styles, opacity and various levels of contrast and desaturation.

After desaturating the hole I had to apply colour back into the plant life at the bottom of the entrance which was achieved by literally painting over it with a shade of green and setting the blending mode to overlay and again playing around with the hue and saturation and finally the opacity.

Where I go from here is anyones guess, I rarely have an image in mind, I usually just play around with different elements and see which ones I like. But it's fair to assume there will be some kind of window, door/gate, trim, relief work and of course, columns! lol Got to have those columns, they frame and separate one texture from another.
I love Martins columns with the skulls, I am really impressed, enough in fact it has given me something to work on were as previously I was having another creative block.

So, watch this space if you like what you see so far!

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