Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Colouring Black And White Photos.

Original Photo Of My Mum aged 17
I put some colour in her cheeks!
I have never had the need to practise the art of colouring black and white photos but I thought it might be some fun and I wanted a photo of my wonderful Mum for a future post I intend to dedicate to her.

This photo was taken by my Dad when they were dating and it's one of his favourites.
Mum doesn't like it, she reminds us she had blonde eyebrows when she was young and in the black and white photo it looks like she doesn't have any,
so, I gave her some! lol

Mum was a natural red head with fair skin so I hope I did some justice in that respect.

I will follow up with my post about my Mum and how and why I love her so in the coming days or weeks.

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