Wednesday, 10 November 2010

True Blood - Work in Progress - New Texture Collection

True Blood Coordinating Texture Set -Collection in the making.

Funny how the small things have you baffled, the posts on either side took me longer to make than the bloody window!

The wood siding is made from scratch, as is the window of which there will be alpha versions and two other window styles, all the same colour.

The corners are Photoshop brushes off, posts hand made, drapes hand made etc

This isn't the final draft, it's all still in layers I will have to tweak and fuss before I am 100% confident.

For example, the lower trim doesn't look  like it belongs.
There is too much contrast in it and it looks grainy compared to the other elements so I will replace that soon, but it's starting to come together now.

I never used "drop shadow" these days, it's a default setting in Photoshop and rarely creates realistic shadows. I basically select, fill, blur and scale it so there's no particular direction but it still adds depth.

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