Thursday, 18 November 2010

True Blood - "Pure" - New Orleans/Mississippi Texture Collection

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I love the architecture in New Orleans, not that I have ever been there sadly, but as a huge fan of True Blood I loved the shots of the old run down Victorian wood buildings.

A horror movie, The Skeleton Key was set in the same location and that too was an inspiration for another collection of textures I made some time ago again, named after the movie.

None of them were duplicates but rather my interpretation from glimpses of the architecture within the show and movie.

England, where I live,  has a lot of Victorian buildings but none are made from wood siding so it's difficult to get photographs to work from.

The windows in both the True Blood collections were a combination of hand made and taken from photographs from

As far as building textures go, this style of architecture cannot be really overdone because most of the look and feel is made from balconies, railings and prim based content as apposed to the face of a wall.

The semi circle window (which I posted about earlier) was a real bitch to make as it involved playing with paths in Photoshop to create the shape and that's just not an area I am confident with because essentially I am a photo manipulator and I have always admired those texture artists who could create their own "shapes"
I can turn a shape into a fairly good 3D looking object within Photoshop quite well but I need the shape to begin with and that's where I fall.
Anyway, I got there eventually (5 hours!)

I think I will learn more about paths and shapes in Photoshop as I continue with my TIGA Game Art & Animation diploma.

The last two lessons touched on Photoshop which was a relief to be honest after the previous lesson which was all about 3DMax, it was killing me!

The irony is I got 100% for the TMA (Tutor marked assignment) which covered 3DMax but the following two TMAs, which covered Photoshop, I only got 85% and 95%
(You need 75% to pass or 15 correct questions out of 20)

It just goes to show no matter how long you have used a program you never know it all.
Plus, I think in hindsight, I was over confident and made assumptions that it was going to be a "walk in the park" were as 3DMax requires my full and undisturbed attention and perhaps that's why I got the 100% mark.

So, I have reached the end of Section 1 Part A which is a book of 216 pages and passed all of the TMAs within that section (yay) and I am now waiting for the course material and DVD to be posted for Section 1 Part B.
Each section will get harder of course so it's important you really understand everything you have studied previously and as such, I need to keep playing with Max to get familiar with it.

I have decided whilst I am waiting for the course material to arrive, I will go through all of the tutorials that come with Max. A lot of them will bear no relation to what I need to learn but they should help me get a better understanding of the tools.

Essentially, the course leans towards "box modeling" because this is the method used by game developers to create low polygon models for use within game engines.
High polygon models are rarely used in game engines because the amount of memory required to host them is too taxing and can slow the game down.

Box modeling is basically the ability to create realistic looking assets/models with the lowest amount of polygons possible, which in itself is a skill.
If you are not restricted by the amount of polygons used, you can create some awesome and very realistic models but they could not be used with most game engines.

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