Tuesday, 9 November 2010

True Blood - New Texture Collection - Work in progress

I am making a new set of textures in the theme of New Orleans architecture, dark Victorian styling.

They are going to be called True Blood after the cult classic TV show by the same name as that's set in Mississippi and I just love that type of architecture.

Expect lots of Gargoyles and dirty wood siding and windows with wood Victorian frames in semi circles for the basements.

The inner windows have been a bitch to make. I am not good at creating shapes in Photoshop, more of a photo manipulator than anything but the windows I want to use can not be found on the internet at all. I spent all day looking for something like them on various stock sites to no avail.

So anyway, I have just finished the first draft of the inner metal frame of the semi circle windows, there are no frames to them yet but that's the easy part for me and I already have the resources to finish them off.

I like how they have turned out so far, but as often is the case, I may find once layered onto the wood siding they may not look right and I may have to re-texture them with something more subtle as they are a bit dark.

I have just added the frame and I am quite pleased. The final draft will be dark blue painted wood and not the grey material you see here because the window will be placed onto old wood siding so of course the window frame needs to be wood too. It's taken me all day to get this window to this stage but as I say, the windows and architecture pieces are the most time consuming, the rest is plain sailing.

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