Monday, 1 November 2010

Date With Max

I've been back on course with the TIGA Game Art & Animation diploma I am studying for with Train2Game and getting involved in the student forums too. (rare treat!)

The forums are the friendliest I've ever encountered and I have achieved the dizzying heights of "Senior Member"  (makes me sound like an old age pensioner)
This is a first for me, not being the "forum type"

I've also created a folder of over 200 textures which I update based on the types of things I pick up from the threads and they are free and there to use for the students.
I am really enjoying the whole forum experience and I think its essential to engage with other students just as you would in standard college.
It's good to have someone to bounce off and share your struggles and achievements with others who are on the same path as yourself.

The members and mods are all from the UK so by and large cultural differences in humour are not an issue.

The British sarcasm can sometimes backfire in multi national forums and as I am sarcastic by default it's nice to be able to say the odd sarcastic comment without having to immediately apoligise for it in the not too distant future!

I did my Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA) and got 100% for the first time. I have passed the earlier 3 TMAs first time but only with a score of 85% or 90%

Don't get me wrong, I am far from being proficient with 3DMax (lol)  but I feel I am at least finding my feet now at last and making  progress and that's reassuring.

Here's a few screen shots of some of the things I have been playing with over the week-end.

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