Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Very Old Medieval Cottage Textures -

I found this place by chance, I was looking in the profile picks of a customer and recognised the textures as some very old ones I made over 3 years ago.

It's not often I see my textures used in such a fantastic way, the builder Corentin Enoch, the owner of Mor Breiz (Corentin Enoch, Mor Breiz - French gor sim, Naias) really brought them to life and it looks like he may have edited a few too.

I think the collection was called "Dingy Medieval" something or other or "Mossy Medieval" I probably spelled them "medevil" knowing me.

My education, or lack there of, really shines through in the typos and terrible spelling mistakes of my early Second Life years, I cringe when I see the names of old textures.

I know I used to name "Siding" - "Sliding" lol I didn't have a clue what siding was when people asked for it. In the UK it's known as "Tongue and Groove" ... I think (?)

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