Monday, 11 October 2010

TRU Website - Launches "Any World" Licensing.

It's long overdue, this post I mean. I have after all, been banging on and on about it for what seems like forever, so now 3 weeks after the event, here it is.

The TRU Textures website is now officially open for business to the "outside" market.
By outside I mean of course,  people who may want to use textures for things other than

Perhaps other grids and 3D environments like IMVU, Twinity, Inworldz and the other 100 or so grids, virtual worlds and 3D chat environments.

In the three weeks we have been trading we have had encouraging response and sales.
This is very exciting and encouraging to me as I didn't expect much if anything at all really.

Most of the artists with TRU are selling their textures under the external licenses but not all and again, their decision is respected.

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