Thursday, 14 October 2010

Eurogamer Expo 2010 Montage

Sheesh, I missed this one but it looks so cool! I've never been to one before. Its in London I'm from "up North" nuff said!

BUT if things go according to plan, I will be waving the TRU flag there in 2011! Me and Martin, (Koba Ajax from SL) my partner from

I thought it would be all "suit n tie" attire but seems I can dress casual.. THANK GOD! Last thing I want is to look like some middle aged school teacher....So mutton dressed as lamb it is then!

Smells like teen spirit.. ack.. kids!

I got a "nudge" on my mobile phone from Train2Game pointing out that I hadn't handed in a tutor marked assessment in for a while and that's true, I haven't.

It's so hard in this economy to keep a business profitable, keep your stock fresh and up to standard and expectations of the market but with the changes on the TRU website, the never ending nightmare of Xstreet to new market place merge (I've lost 40 hours already only to later discover the updates for the 240 products listed had been wiped clean, meaning I have to redo them all again) and either three viral bugs or the same virus coming and going, I have been running around like a headless chicken.

Always driven by creation (as that's my passion) I find these days its 60% administration and 30% creation and 10% tearing your hair out!

So anyway, I went back to my course, which means I have to run 3DMax on a windows OS which I have to run an iMac bootcamp partition and that alone makes things painful and slow.

Anyway, I cranked 3DMax open again and I am plodding on, I ain't making history here but here's the progress of a lounge scene I have been playing with and unlike earlier efforts this one includes materials and texture maps applied to the assets.

Please do not contact me for contractual work, I'm too busy! lol (Yes, I am being sarcastic)

Notice the size of the mugs are tiny compared to the sofa? lol

I love the Mental Ray rendering on reflective surfaces.

There's no way I could package this lot up for sale. For one, the program is for students only and secondly, its crap. lol

It's purely a scene, the models would be all disproportionate with cushions different sizes to the others but I have learned the material editor and how to apply different templates for different surfaces.

An example of this would be the brick wall. The default Arch & Design template has a reflective surface so I applied a matte template and the bit map brick after, adjusted the tile repeats and so on.

Coming from 2D in Photoshop to 3D in 3DMax I imagine is a little a blind person who has lived in their apartment for years and they know how many steps it takes to get to the bathroom, which side the light switch is on and where the soap dispenser is.
Then waking up in someone else's apartment and you have no idea where the bathroom is much less the light and soap. (Purely metaphorically speaking of course)

It's just weird but at the same time certain elements seem familiar and obvious.

The material editor, to me at least, is a little like Photoshop. Being a texture artist means I am attracted to colour and patterns over shapes alone.

What I have discovered is there are default things like windows, steps etc and with a few tweaks you have a finished model ready to export as a sculpt map for SL consumers.

I don't mean to be cynical but I recognise a lot of sculpted shapes and objects on Xstreet as 3DMax's default presets.

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