Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Defamation - TRU Textures Sued (?)

Following advise from my solicitor I wish to put the record straight over multiple publications  found on blogs, forums and from chat logs from within the virtual world of secondlife.com

I will not be engaging in public debate over these statements (also as advised by my lawyer) but feel due to the seriousness of these allegations it is important that I attempt to put the record straight to at least address the imbalance and gain some perspective.

1) I have never been sued or officially threatened to be sued for anything in my life much less copyright or DMCA issues.

2) I have never received a Cease and Desist demand in letter, email or indeed any other type of communication.

3) I have not received any form of official communication informing me of a pending lawsuit.

4)  I have not received any form of communication from any lawyer or representative of the law in relation to copyright issues at all other than 2 emails as detailed below.

5) I have not been contacted (by any form of communication) to discuss or negotiate "Out of court settlement"
Furthermore, I have not agreed to or paid any sum of money in relation to an "Out of court settlement"

6) I have not received any form of communication from any lawyer (or representative of the law) other than 2 emails regarding two DMCA counter notices filed.

Whilst I do not feel it is anyone's business normally, due to the absurd allegations published I feel I must correct the apparent rumor in relation to my income.

7) I have never come anywhere even close to making $30,000 a month as published by one source.
This is almost laughable if not for the association of the claim.
No one would have access to that kind of information except in a court of law.

If you read, hear or see claims of this nature I ask you to refer them to this post and ask for factual evidence.

I hereby grant permission to allow any person  (or legal representatives acting on behalf of any person) to publish in public, all and any legal and official forms of communication allegedly sent to and from me (Elizabeth Gallagher) in relation to the above statements.

Defamation is illegal and "two wrongs don't make a right" as my Mother used to say. 

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