Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wonderful Wood Volume III- 3D Texture Maps

I love these wood textures and how they come out when displayed in 3D.

The Wonderful Wood V2 has been really popular on

Not as much from the Second Life market perhaps because the whole use of 3D software is still in a minority.

I want to be prepared and at least have the option available for SL content creators who plan on uploading meshes when the feature is available with the main SL client.

It's still in closed beta with an open beta due to be released fairly soon.

I can't work out how to add them to the new Second Life market place, they don't appear when I add them to the magic boxes and Xstreet appears to have removed the ability to add new products altogether.

So you can get them from our in world store here or from Content Paradise here.

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