Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Meeting To Discuss Contract With UK Game Studio

The last two years have been very hard both in terms of workload and associated stress which was linked to Second Life politics and economy issues but also emotionally for me.

My job/role defines who I am as a person and I felt like I was loosing myself and my sense of purpose.

It seems we have turned a corner as I am excited to announce that following a conversation today with one of the UKs bigger game studios, a meeting is to be arranged to discuss a retainer contract with TRU Textures Ltd to offer texture creating services for any of several incubator studios they are about to launch/set up.

I don't think it's "correct" to be dropping names certainly not before any official agreement has been made but also I will need to see how they feel about me making mention of who they are as, when and if the time comes. 

In addition, we will be given a free stand at major game related road shows such as Eurogamer,  DevelopGDCGame Connectionwith all marketing materials and products provided and paid for.

We are basically being taken under their wing from what I can gather and what a wing to be taken under! Of course it's a two way street but I know what my role is and that's perfectly fine be me.

If everything is agreed from both parties, both TRU Textures and iSourceTextures will be introduced to a network of new, old, small and large game developer studios which no amount of "marketing budget"  could buy! 

Nothing is set in stone or finalised yet but they have kindly offered to come to my home town to meet in person and I will keep you all posted on progress and details as and when I know them.

I am very excited and flattered indeed of course.

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