Sunday, 12 September 2010

Social Networking Verses Social Climbing

Harvey & Me Loch Lomond.

I am currently away on a 10 day holiday in Scotland until the 15th Sept (hence the photos) but as luck would have it, I'm stuck inside writing this post due to an horrendous virus that keeps on coming and going.

My back and legs ache, I am hot and cold, head aches a little and I feel weak, weepy and off my food.

I can't tell you how depressing it is to be on holiday and too ill to enjoy it. 

With no coffee machine, no cable TV and limited WIFI, I can see cabin fever on the horizon!

The photos in this post we're taken the day after we arrived at Biggar in South Scotland.

I love this Parker Jacket by Firetrap 

The plan was for me to concentrate on my game art diploma whilst I was away and get some new texture photos for which I co-own. 
But having only been "out and about"  for two days and house bound since, things haven't gone according to plan.

On the upside, I received some very exciting news in the form of an email and phone call from quite a prolific game studio.

I have been invited to their offices in Milton Keynes for a meeting to discuss several ways to offer TRU Textures Ltd and/or support, networking with other studios, help with generating extra revenue and possibly direct investment as part of a scheme to aid game and game related studios in the UK. 
(I think? I need to chat with them on the phone before I can confirm the in's and out's)

Either way, it's very exciting and I am deeply flattered that we were noticed full stop, if nothing comes from it at all, it's a compliment at the very least.

Loch Lomond 
I am not a "social climber" and never have been. 

I don't "attach" myself to other people to better my exposure or inflate my ego and that's been a weakness  as a business owner if I am honest.

The only people I talk to are customers and other artists with TRU and 3 months ago I turned down an invitation to do a 10 minute speech on texture use and creation for Second Lifes,  Burning Life. 

Oh, I am happy to "brag about it" here but I wouldn't have the courage to "talk" to a group of 100 people on the subject at all! 
Plus I figured at least one "crazy" would be there ready to heckle me. 

Still, it was nice to have been approached and not the other way around.

Honestly? I would rather just be left alone.
Mind my own business and make art than "schmooze" with those I deem to be higher or better than me or who may offer me better exposure.

But this attitude has it's disadvantages.

The adage: "It's not what you know but who you know" without doubt, has some truth in it.

However, I do not feel comfortable brown nosing my way to the top and yet it happens a lot and all in the name of "ambition" 

I would rather be judged on merit than association alone.

So anyway,  I decided to take a less aggressive route and created a portfolio, got on YouTube and joined a few business type social network sites and that's how the recent potential opportunity came my way.
It may be nothing or it may be huge, time will tell.

I am back home on Wednesday and have the mind numbingly boring task of gathering bank and PayPal statements for my accountant to do my TAX return...Oh Joy.

Harvey & Me.

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