Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just for Laughs!

School Photo - Me Aged 9
Grandma Gallagher, Sister, Mum, Me and Brother
Me (10) and my friend Alison
Ken Dodds Called, he wants his Teeth back
So my Dad is going though the photos and he's slapped them on Flickr (much to my horror) I mean there are some real gems on there, seriously.

Anyhoo, this pic here is the 17 year old me on my wedding day, 3 months pregnant and totally unaware of how everything came together on the day. My parents of their generation insisted I marry the father, I didn't love him ( I was 17!) but went along with it.

Nine months later and I asked him to leave.

Never been married since.

Here are some other "gems"

1986 Wedding Day - Grandparents
My Brother, me and my Sister

1988 My Daughters Christening - Dad, me and my sister.
My whole Family, the guy in the middle with the shades is Wayne Scott, Ex BF

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