Sunday, 22 August 2010

Vitamin D Deficiency - The Truth

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  1. This is the most revealing source on the subject that I'm aware of, that doesn't originate from some internet tosser selling crystals.

    Not because he's an evangelist of some sort (no doubt there are vitamin D psychos on the web), but rather, just a geek I know in RL who discovered a subject that he found interesting and decided to pursue in an anal detailed manner as geeks tend to do (before/after blood tests included!). Not sure if his own test regime is mentioned on the page, as I haven't read it fully in a while.

    One vaguely related and highly anecdotal fact he discovered when dealing with folks working in the aged care business, is that they were active vitamin D supplement users for obvious reasons. Again, apologies if this is already detailed in the link above.

    But hey, you're english. The glow from your computer monitor might be considered a sunny day, considering the alternative :D