Saturday, 14 August 2010

Visions Of The Future - The Intelligence Revolution

My brother phoned me about this interesting documentary he saw on TV about the future of AI and virtual worlds.

I don't know how old this program is, so this may not be "news" as such, but it was new to me at any rate.

Second Life and wow (world of warcraft) are featured around 12 minutes in and the narrator  mentions "In just four years Second Life has grown to 5 million residents"

I'm not exactly sure where the "5 million residents" info came from and I am guessing that the program was originally made in 2007/8 based on the four year comment.

EDIT - The program info does confirm it was first broadcast in June 2008 so the interview and research may have been initially documented 6 months prior to the first broadcast. 

There's a section where you meet a couple who met in SL and got married 6 months later and the lady moved to England from the US.

She goes on to say how she makes a real living from SL by making & selling shoes and accessories, I don't know who she was as I couldn't make out any logos, branding or her avatar name.
Shame, if I was her I would have worn a T shirt with a great big neon green TRU Textures logo on the front and a tattoo saying TRU slapped on my forehead lol.

But who ever she is, I hope she is still making a good real living from SL because if it was made in 2007/8 that was the post recession and post "SL shit storm" days,  when everything looked far more rosier and exciting in the world of virtual reality.

All things "virtual business" in todays SL are more complicated, more competitive and certainly more time and effort consuming than they were in 2007/8 I think.


  1. 5 million residents? Pfft we all know SL consists of 50-60 people driving a shitload of alts. Get your hand off it Philip..

  2. lol I know... the term "false advertising" springs to mind.