Thursday, 26 August 2010

Scotland - 8th Sept Here I come !

I'm off up to Scotland on the 8th Sept for 10 nights and staying at The Ruin  (Pictured here) 

I kid you not, it's taken me 10+ hours of Google browsing to find 10 nights in Scotland for a nice property that had WIFI access, cable TV and accepted dogs.

Most places that accepted pets were out and out crap holes and the other end of the scale the price tag was £1800 for 10 nights!

We're going away because the house is being decorated and all of the wood flooring and carpets replaced.

I can't stand to be in a house that's going to be turned upside down or face the humiliation of seeing months of dust collected behind my furniture lol

Anyhow, I won't be beaten and found one I think will do nicely. I'll be taking my camera as usual to add some more stock to 

Poor Martin adds 90% of the raw unedited stock on the site were as I tend to stick to the "user ready" type.
From past experience the few sales we have had have been a mixture of both so at least I feel I am contributing something.

And at last! The TRU website had finally been rolled out with the new template. This project was first discussed and agreed in Jan 2009 lol
But Thorian and Chosen Few have done a great job and I'm just glad it "looks" better now.

We haven't added the PayPal/direct download option or details of the three different license types because we're still working on the site, it should be 95% completed by this week-end.

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