Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Russian Chapel Ruins - Seamless Texture Collection

I was asked by a customer, Yelena Istmal to create a texture collection for an old Russian Church she was building, and the pic to to the left shows the finished textures applied to the build on her sim
NOCTIS The Uroc, Haunted Quarter, Armada

It's very rare I get to see my textures brought to life full stop but rarer still to see them used as creatively as this.
The windows are taken from original photographs of traditional Russian buildings.
he pack contains dirty semi shear windows and night time glow windows (as shown in the picture)

It was a real pleasure to do and Yelena provided me with tons of reference photos and URLs to images in the internet which really helped me to get a good idea of the concept she was aiming for.

The collection of over 80 textures can be purchased from Xstreet and of course direct from the TRU Textures Ltd store 
For use outside of (on other grids for example) you can purchase them with the appropriate license from

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