Sunday, 22 August 2010

Malignant Melanoma Verses Vitamin D Deficiency

I have had Malignant Melanoma and I am also vitamin D deficient.

Makes me bloody ill when I use the sunbed though. The creation of Vitamin D boosts my immune system and by default fights the systemic Candida I have had for 4 years which causes a Herxheimer Reaction

I have had to stop using it as I got so poorly after two weeks, I was using it 3 times a week, 20 minutes a session. I ended up in bed and have been ill for weeks now. 

Bit tired of feeling worse before I feel better as I have yet to get better! 

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  1. If you are alive (so that includes anyone reading this) you will have heard the Vitamin D Hype. Even the Medical Profession is extracting blood (wretched vampires) to check your levels of this essential hormone.

    We went through years of being told that sun exposure was killing us.... skin cancers, melanomas etc, hence the dire need to stay out of the sun and (in Australia) to "Slip, Slop, Slap..." and yet it is well known that the suns action on the skin, is the most natural way to build up your bodies supply of natural vitamin D. Notice the word NATURAL.

    Shane Ellison, known as The People's Chemist, has a well written ANTI (artificial) VITAMIN D essay I felt would be appropriate to post here for your edification.