Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Grannies Cottage Wall Textures - 1024 x 1024 Seamless

Grannies Cottage Walls, thats a lame name if ever I heard one. I just couldn't think of anything more fitting.

I like the little wooden sign though, it was a freebie from a scrapbook site, I just used it for the display image.

"What could I have done better?" is a question I have started to ask myself after the completion of all textures in a bid to improve my techniques.

I think adding some subtle wrinkles to the wallpapers would have kicked another level of depth and realism into them and perhaps some worn, exposed brickwork patches. I may go back and enhance them more but use different patterns.

The wood panel came from my stock site -, co owned by Koba Ajax (SL name) so thanks to him for the original wood photograph.

The textures can be purchased here for use only and here for use outside of

Naming texture sets is getting increasingly difficult I find as names come to me "after" I make the textures and quite often in the past,  the actual texture name has nothing to do with the name of the collection as a whole.

It's a bad habit I have forced myself to correct as it makes things difficult when customers ask me to help them find textures some-one has told them about.

Not sure these would be in demand for external use really.

I am trying to think of things people would use these for except and I can't come up with anything.

They would be good for games of course but in 3D props and scenes? I'm not so sure really.

The shade work may conflict with lighting sets in a 3D application. It's a catch 22 scenario as to make them realistic for SL the shadow and light is important but for use within game engines that use dynamic lighting the shadow work is overkill.

Sometimes the only way to find out is to upload them and see. But the time I spend uploading to 5 different websites is so time consuming.

I am finding I have less and less time for creation these days and creative moods are forced now.

I think the pressure of the economy and fear of loosing an income can really mess with your creative Mojo, I am sure others can relate to this.

I am getting more and more people asking to buy the license to use my textures in different grids and virtual worlds.

I hope when we finally open the new features and look of the TRU Textures website this will help people buy textures for use outside of SL and would mean they didn't have to buy an extended license and just pay directly and download to their own PCs.

We're just waiting for Thorian to complete the coding to make the new template work with the sites architecture (is that the correct term?) I feel like I've been waiting my whole Second Life!

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