Monday, 9 August 2010

Clothes To Cry For - All Saints Top Bargain

Love Love Love
This top.. just bought it from

The only benefit to going from a UK size 8 to a UK size 12 is I have a bust for the first time in my life and whilst I couldn't wear a bra with this top, the front isn't too clingy to look slutty.

But as layers are all the thing at the moment, even a strappy white vest would look OK under it, if needs must.

Course, I wouldn't wear it "as is' (God forbid! lol) It would look good with some faded blue or black skinny jeans or even skinny flare jeans. I think it's sexy but not slutty and it's something I could dress up or down.. love it!

I wouldn't mind those Gladiator shoes either but I couldn't find them.

The great thing about this All Saints top is it was in the sale YAY - reduced from £80 ( I think?) to £51.00 and it's just one  of those items I had to have.

I'll probably look like a sack of shit in it and send it back lol

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