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A Virtual World With Very Real Difference
Melanie Milland emailed me earlier today to request an extended license to use my personal textures for the 100 sims that are being built in their "virtual world with a difference"

I went to the website to check it out and have no reason to deny how impressed I was,  not just with the design but the concept of the platform. in their own words describe themselves:

Avination, the original home of Dark Freeform Role Play in OpenSim! Utilizing the renowned CCS Combat System, trusted as the RP/Combat System leader in Second Life ™, Avination has positioned itself as the clear choice for the most effective RP/Combat experience where performance and reliability count!
Prepare to enter the world where good meets evil, where darkness finds light, and where chaos endlessly abounds. Unleash your inhibitions and allow your talents to prevail as you RP with others in this enhanced dark RP environment. Take advantage now of all this growing world has to offer and see first hand why the grass IS actually greener on the other side!

It's about time someone created more than just another Second Life double and Avination seems to do this by offering it's members the option of being involved in dark RP combat gaming using the legendary CCS combat system which Melanie helped to develop originally in

There are so many virtual worlds now, and all of them duplicates of

It was because of this we decided to upgrade the TRU website to allow external purchase and download of textures paid by PayPal with licensing that allowed external use on other grids and sims.
(The new website template, designed by Chosen Few will be rolled out tomorrow and PayPal added next week-end)

I wish them the best of luck.

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