Friday, 13 August 2010

3DMax - Back on Course

I've been away from my Game Art & Animation course for a few weeks due to health issues and the fact running two businesses in this economy sometimes means I have to work 4 times harder than previously.

It's hard trying to work and be in 5 different places all at the same time, even in a virtual sense.

Anyway, I got the CD copy of 3Dmax and installed it etc and although my next lesson due was lesson 3 (material editor) as I had been away from 3d Max for some weeks I wanted to refresh what small amount of memory I had developed with the program.

The last time I played with it, it left me feeling deflated and impotent - I wasn't enjoying the learning curve at all.

I think because I have reached a comfort zone with 2D textures and Photoshop, starting out in 3D art as a noob was very frustrating to me and made me feel like I would never get to grips with it.

But the good news is after re reading lesson two I started playing with prims and extended prims as advised by the course work and I somehow came up with the 2 piece suite above.

Now I know the chair doesn't match the sofa!  lol that's because the chair was the first thing I made and then saved. Then I started off with the L-ext prim and ended up making the 3 seater sofa too.

I have no doubt that the prims will not be aligned and will all be slightly different sizes and the actual size conversion to a real life model will be out of whack but to the untrained eye, I don't think it looks too shabby.

I linked them all, and learnt how to import the chair into the existing sofa scene..and they are all low poly (240 for all I think) which is vital when making models for game engines.
I know with experience I can get that number down some more...
So yea, I'm starting to get a little excited now again and can't wait until I can start applying materials and playing with photometric lighting.

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