Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Walk On The Wild Side - Musical Influences

When I was about 20, I used to go to a Pub called the "The Hordens"
I guess there must of been a local there, someone much older than me who liked Lou Reed because the above song was always playing on the Juke Box.

Like most kids at that age I would snigger and laugh at how lame it was and sing along with my mates, taking the piss out of how "uncool" it was.
After all, if it's not played at the Hacienda in Manchester it MUST be crap right?

Then my taste in music matured (Along with everything else sadly. Why can't we be born with the wisdom we acquire with old age? It's no good learning from mistakes and being all wise and stuff when your 80! Cruel irony) and I grew to love that song.

Not just because of the sentimental value but because it's a damn good track by its own merits.

Around the same time, I was working as a Video store manager and one of the girls used to bring in a music cassette (again, showing my age) of Van Morrison.

I hadn't heard his songs before and as a narrow minded "twenty something" in theory I should have disregarded him too. But again, after listening to it a few times I asked who it was and went and bought a copy for myself.

The Doors was a band I was introduced to by my best friend Nicola when I was 24. She was really into them and it wasn't long before I had my own CD "The Best Of The Doors" which I still own today.

Rolling Stones was a band my older brother (by 8 years) used to listen to.

As a 10 year old I couldn't appreciate music much but again as I got older it was like hearing it for the first time and subsequently I am now a big Stones fan.

Oh, and on that subject I don't care how good a singer people think Susan Boyle is, she totally ruined "Wild Horses" for me.

When I was about ten I was a fan of The Specials (Too Much Too Young) and Fleetwood Mac (Rumours - The first album I bought and even at 11 I couldn't help but notice the strategically placed balls hanging from his crutch! Whats THAT all about? )
Later as a teen, I was a fan of Frankie Goes To Hollywood who's lead singer I had a crush on despite the fact he was openly gay.

(I replicated the double album cover for my Art GCSE exhibit and I can't find it on Google at all today.
Maybe it was discontinued? 
It was a mass of weird creators all having sex but you had to look hard to make anything out, the animals were drawn in a Picasso abstract style)

My taste in music now is wide and varied ranging from Snoop Dog (DoggyStyle - First album *sorry Dad* lol ) to Pink Floyd and each track or group I have grown to love today was introduced to me by a friend, lover or a stranger from by gone times.

And all of the above I still own and listen to today ('cept Frankie!)

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