Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Second Life - The Post Beta Days

I was browsing through my Photobucket account just now and found these really old screenshots of Second Life in 2004.

That's me in April 2004 - Note the beautiful SL wig hair and the fabulous detailed skin lol.

It amazed me how far SL has come in terms of avatar appearance, terrain, building and textures and simple to complex animations.

Standard "sit" animations were not well, standard and neither was walking. There were no Animation Override HUDs back then, your hair was "fixed" (no flexi prim) and would sometimes cause en entire sim to crash with the LAG attached to the 6000 prim curly hair.

The clothing was so basic compared to todays standards and baked lighting wasn't heard of.

Not too many people owned photoshop much less knew how to use it and those that did made a lot of money being the first to bring skins into SL such as the designer from SecondSkins which was my first skin. I think I paid 5K Linden Dollars for my first skin you can buy as good skins now for 500L, times change.

No idea if Second Skins are still in business,  back then she had the market cornered and made a lot of money I am sure.

I reckon only 2% of users in the early days know how to use 3D applications and those who did made the dance animations. Ominations was "the" dance and general animation store for the first 3 years of SL and again, he must have made a nice little income as he owned the market.

I guess merchants were all new and had yet to developed their skills to keep up with the rate SL developed.
Some got left behind others strived to keep up with the race to be better designers, texture artists, builders and so on.
The clothing I am wearing in this shot is the freebies that people handed out once.
If the standard of freebies people get today were about in 2004 they most certainly wouldn't be free!

I am actually stood in one of Ominations store testing some dance animations out here.

I was in awe to see how clicking a ball could bring my normally awkward moving avatar into a living doll.

Heres a few more snap shots, take time to notice the scenery and buildings/textures. Then take a look at the random SL images on Flickr on the right side of this blog, kinda scary how far people have advanced in skill and technique isn't it?

And finally lol TRU Textures back in 2004 - Look at the quality textures I had on offer!!!

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