Sunday, 11 July 2010

Opportunities - Right on your Virtual Doorstep

You know, each time I come here to write a post I glance at the various SL images from Flickr cycling to the right hand side of the page, 95% of them really impress me.

If you consider the fact that everything in those pictures were made by ordinary people, most of them working from their home PCs, it's really quite amazing the shear volume of talent SL houses.

Clothing, avatars, code/script work for the avatars animations such as walking, dancing, fighting, textures for buildings, plants, trees, avatar skins, make up, terrain and so on and so forth.
The scripting for a multitude of in world creations, multi player games, websites, vending machines etc

The soon to be introduced upload of obj. (meshes) from 3D software will display another layer of talent within SLs walls.

And then the marketing and sales skills required to get their creations seen and purchased is another skill in itself.

I'm sure we all know of one artist or builder who absolutely kicks ass in the creative side of things but looses themselves in the process of creation that the marketing is left unattended.
All of that creative skill is wasted really from a business POV.

More commonly there are people who know how to market and sell but lack the creative and technical experience to make anything really good which will stand out from the rest. *coughs* Full perm stores and resellers of other full perm content. 

But that aside, there remains a huge volume of people who have all three skill sets and they are the people who make real money from SL.

Of course time to dedicate to your SL business is vital too.
If you're working full time in your "real" life then it would be mighty difficult to get a business off the ground and create new content for said business all in your spare time.
I'm not saying it hasn't been done because it has albeit not very often.

Now, you would think amongst ALL of those talented people someone would decided to develop a game studio, perhaps just a small one to start.

They have a massive social network of skilled people to head hunt from within SL each with their own portfolio for you to evaluate before you approach them.
They all have their own IT and graphic equipment so set up costs are minimal.
You can all work from home of course just as many game dev teams do already.

As someone who is training for a diploma in Game Art & Animation I find it quite surreal that amongst all of this raw talent in SL more people haven't grouped together and done something "outside of the box"

Of course, all games start with an idea and thats the job of the game designer.
It's his vision and without the initial spark of an idea you can have all the character artists, environmental artists and programers in the world all dressed up with no where to go.

Don't get me wrong I love SL and intend to stay as long as they will have me but it has its boundaries and limitations and if you take this theory literally, Linden Labs are the game designers and we're the rest of a massive team of artists, programers and character designers all working on a freelance basis for Linden Labs.

Of course, God forbid if you arrange for your team to get together and pitch your game concept to a potential publisher. The "work from home" dress code would need to be addressed.

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