Wednesday, 7 July 2010

" It's a wonderful Second Life: Breathe 2"

Is it just me or is the image of  "Money" (which shows an Asian lady) a coincidence or a deliberate dig at SL's most famous
entrepreneur? LOL

That aside I think its a powerful and true message. As soon as money became the motivation SL as we knew it was lost and I don't exclude myself out of that equation. But then Linden Labs did and still do market Second Life as a place to make "money"

I think they hoped people would be a little more creative about it instead we see a saturated market of full perm sculpted boot resellers and full perm stores and I doubt many of them know how to build or make any form of content.  Its just about a quick buck.

Regardless of how creative merchants are I think it's only fair any merchant should pay for the service of being a merchant. I can't think of any platform that lets people sell content for free and anonymously.

Wouldn't it be interesting  if Linden Labs rewarded a small group of quality controllers who approved or disapproved peoples content? did it IMVU do it and interestingly IMVU don't allow people to make and sell content unless they are paid premium members.
I think that should be LLs first port of call.
If you want to make money you have to spend some first.  No business can be set up for nothing in RL why should SL be any different?

I used to hear people gloating how they had made $4000 in SL and "didn't spend a dime" (pleased with themselves)
If everyone had a "Why should I spend a dime" attitude they wouldn't have made $4000.00.

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