Sunday, 4 July 2010

Graphic Designer vs client Funny But True

Sorry Dad. (He gets email notifications on all my blog posts)


  1. That clip rocks (and is eerily accurate).
    So good in fact, I sent the link to a client who's always pulling the same halfassed last minute stunt.

  2. lol I can't comment based on exp as I don't have "clients" I usually AM the client for websites etc

    The closest thing I have come to this is some ppl in SL that expect you to work 6 hours on custom textures exclusive for them and when I say

    "Ok but I'll have to charge you an hourly rate of $25" (which isn't a lot - really) they go ape as they expect me to do it for 500L

    It hasn't happened a lot in fact only once, most of the time I do them for free as long as they don't ask for exclusive work.

  3. Yup they're the ones. I imagine it's worse in SL really, where people will go apeshit over what amounts to less than a cup of RL coffee in cost.