Monday, 12 July 2010

Boring Soppy Puppy Dog Post - Harvey My Mini Dachsund

That's Harvey our 4 year old Mini Dachshund with a yogurt pot stuck to his snout after he spent 15 minutes chasing it around the living room floor trying to lick the remains out.

We got him around 2 months ago and I love him dearly.

I have had Basset Hounds from being 28 until 2 years ago when me and my ex of 13 years split.

Then I remained "dogless" more or less until my current partner started living together in Jan 2010

Basset Hounds are still a breed I adore but they are deceptively large dogs that require lots of maintenance and shed their coats all year round.

I wanted a smaller breed and I consider Daxies to be the closest thing to a Basset in shape but certainly not in temperament.

Bassets also slaver and drool a lot so having them curl up on your lap as you watch TV wasn't practical.

Haveys different because he is small enough to hold in one hand almost and as such he gets to sleep in my lap and in our bed on rare occasions just for an hour as I watch TV.

I love Bassets but I love Harvey more than any dog I have ever had before and I think it's because of his size.

Smaller dogs are more "cuddly"

I can hold him in my arms, all four paws in the air like a baby as he sleeps and it's as close to a maternal love than I can imagine.

I never got that with any other dog I've had. I loved them all for different reasons but I love Harvey the most.

He has tons of character and is more "interactive" than Bassets.

He waits for my partner to come home from work by sleeping on his shoes next to the front door and as soon as he hears the car pull up outside he runs to get his rubber bone and stands looking up at the door, tail and backside wagging to such a degree I'm surprised he doesn't fall over.

He loves his Daddy (lol don't laugh!) to play games with and he comes to me for sleepy cuddles (You vomiting yet? I DID warn you! lol)

It took me a good few months to finally bite the bullet and get him.

I spoke to several people who were looking for new homes for their dogs and those dogs ranged from Bassets to Scottish Terriers and my partner wanted a Wire Haired Daxie after seeing two in Skipton.

But for some reason I just couldn't commit and I would go cold and say: "no, another one will turn up" which pissed Malcolm off no end I think.

I didn't want another Basset for several reasons but one of those reasons was that Bassets were the breed me and my ex had through-out our 13 year relationship and being a typical sentimental woman, it just didn't feel right.  As my ex was now in my past, I felt Bassets should be too.

So anyway, Harvey was brought to us by his owners and after a 30 minute chat we all decided he should  stay with us.

It was difficult watching his mom as she was crying.

They had already found him a suitable home once previously but backed out as they couldn't bear to part with him.

But they explained the situation has changed at home since they bought him as a Puppy.

They were both working full time and had a surprise 18 month old child.

As a result Harvey tended to be left alone all day and be the last to get any real attention so they were doing what was right for him and that takes "real love" in my opinion.

I felt terrible as she was kissing him and holding him for the last time with her eyes filled with tears.

I swear, after having Harvey for only 2 months I am not sure I could have been as brave. He is literally part of the family and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Best dog I have ever had and he was worth the wait and worrying I went through before finally picking him to be our new dog.


  1. I love your story of Harvey! Sounds like he's a great dog.

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  3. LOL thanks for your comment, he really is! I was always worried Daxies would be yappers and I work from home so that kinda concerned me but he's OK actually, he yaps a bit but we live on a quiet culdesac so very little "traffic" although he does chew the mail up if I don't catch him in time!