Sunday, 27 June 2010

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Following yesterdays post about freebies in Second Life and the negative impact many merchants feel they have on the economy, today I discovered the video at the base of this post.

It's opened my eyes a little despite my previous observations.

Its a fascinating video and makes a lot of sense and in some ways may even squash the theory about Second Life freebies killing the economy.

But right at the end of the video - he explains why the most productive and genius creators are those that do it for fun.

It is "because" they already have a source of income so creating things for free is just a hobby
and as such because there is no financial incentive or "pressure" this frees up their creative expression which results in better creative productivity.

Great if you don't "need" to make L$ to pay your SL bills but many people in Second Life depend on sales and profits to do just that.

Many of these people have a disability or health problem that prevents them from working in a conventional job. Others just enjoy being self employed and love doing what they do and are good enough at doing it  they eventually began to make a real living in from it.

It's these people who are at risk from any damage to the SL economy.

So can the act of kindness be argued as a selfish act?

The saying "It's better to give than receive" is true because you get that "feel good factor"

So essentially people like to "give" as their pay/reward is the appreciation, its human nature.

I love to not charge for custom work sometimes because when people are not expecting a freebie they are so grateful and I feel kind and good. Isn't that a selfish motive in the end? I do it as it makes me feel good about myself?

Reverse that principle. Someone asks me to do a freebie and I am instantly put off.

A good example of the motivation of giving would be some Photoshop brushes I made some months ago and set them for free download on

So far they have been downloaded over 10,000 times and only 5 out of those 10,000 people said "thanks" Not much "reward" or feel good factor in that! lol

So yes, in hindsight I was motivated by selfish reasons, albeit not financial.

Philosophy. I love it but by its very nature, its a never ending debate and argument.

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