Thursday, 20 May 2010

It's 1.10am GMT and I am goosed.

Been sat in Photoshop since 8am, took 1 hour off to sit in the sun and do some course work for my Game Art and Animation diploma.

The knots in my shoulders are pinching a nerve in my back causing the familiar pain and pins and needles in both of my arms.

The good news is I got my mojo back, or at least I am on the right track.
Was hard at first getting back into the work flow but like most things the longer you spend the quicker old habits and routines come back.

I have uploaded one set of seamless architecture into Second Life and on Xstreet too and I feel a little more relaxed now I have created something.

The longer you get a block the more stressed out about it you get and the worse the block gets. These type of textures are more about technique than creativeness but it's a good way to re-familiarise yourself again with tools and techniques.

Will be working on the next collection tomorrow. The texture above is the first from the additional collection I will be releasing tomorrow or Saturday.

And this second texture is one from the collection I completed today. :)

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