Sunday, 30 May 2010

And As If By Magic..

How ironic that at the same time I post my previous blog about the general ignorance of Copyright in Second Life, I get two emails on Xstreet.

This one is in response to a letter I wrote asking the person to remove from sale my textures which they had  bundled up with thousands of other artists textures and was selling for 25 Linden Dollars:

 [Start] just got a message from someone else about this....Like I told them, as far as I know all the textures I sell are full perms. However, I already stopped selling them as a kindness to the other person who wrote me....If indeed the textures were not full perms, I apologize. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers or do anything wrong. [End]

Thats a typical copyright ignorant SL user. Nothing unusual about this response and it's actually a good result because at least they removed the textures.

Then I saw another letter titled "Terrain" I assume they have purchased some Terrain textures from me.

[Start] Hi Lilly, i read just your terms and they looks like  a joke, if i buy anthing fukk permission, i use it where i want and not only in sl.
if i buy a chair in New York, i can use the chair around the world not only in New York. Not Linden Labs and not even you can tell me where i use my  stuff. i have outside from sl 42 sims and you can be sure i use all what i buy on this sims too. and why i sould not do this ? linden labs is not the founder from copyrights  this is international right, and when i use your stuff on other grids is the copyright the same. i aczept, respect and i protect your copyright and from all other creaters, but no one tell me where i can use  what i buy. if you now block this Nerido ava, its ok for me because i have some alts too. if you now report me to linden labs, it would be great because i got never an answer, when i ask  who give them the rights to tell me what i can do or not . and at last   you can be sure  linden change the new TOS again, because they are wrong. please dont go mad with me , this is nothing about you, i wish you a nice day Lilly and a good busines. [End]
Ah well different day same old shit.

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