Friday, 9 April 2010

Train2Game - Game Designer/developer

I have just enrolled with to achieve a TIGA Diploma in Game Art and Animation.
Train2Game Website

I knew about this company 2 years ago when they first set up and was a little dubious about them.
You see so many adverts for Driving Instructor courses I just thought "nah" but this afternoon one of their consultants visited me and I am very very impressed not just with the level of professionalism presented but the educational bodies and banks that are supporting them by offering student funding grants.

Apparently, most game companies in the UK outsource their work projects to people in other countries as in the UK there are no real education programs in universities aimed specifically at the game industry.

There are a hand full of "Game Arts" courses dotted around the UK but they cost 20K, take 6 years and by the time you reach the end of your 6 years training the I.T industry has moved on that fast that anything you did learn is no longer relevant.

Plus the courses skirt around areas and whilst you come out with an understanding you have no "hands on" experience.

Train2Game courses were designed by the industry for the industry ensuring students learn by techniques such as reverse engineering a game and then redesigning it, creating your own game, looking into target markets, game play desirability and of course working with applicable software.

They also help you find a job when you qualify.

TIGA is the game industries official accreditation in the UK. Thats the only downside, TIGA would not be recognised by any other country but the portfolio you develop as you'r training, would.

They are quite picky too, they are not the type of company that just takes anyone on such as under 25 yr old males who spend their lives playing games and think that counts as "experience"

In the conversation, I was informed the game industry need more women employees as game companies have realised they have been missing out on 50% of their target market, women.

With the release and success of games like The Sims and Wii Fit they now are leaning towards development of games aimed specifically at women and of course by default it helps to have women working within the development of future games designed for the female population.

Whilst I earn my living from making and selling seamless 2D textures I have no official qualification and my portfolio is too restrictive to be considered by game companies. That said, I have ran my own business for 5 years and prior to that have 10 years of sales and marketing experience which can also be applied to many areas within the game industry.

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